MANUEL MONTEJO - Our 22 Year Old Sponsored Foster Boy
We first met Manuel in 1998 in the orphanage in Mindoro

GRADUATION DAY - From the Honest Hands Discipleship Home
He has received a full school year of intensive bible training

When Manuel was released from the orphanage, he had no employable skills, no hope and no future.

Now he has just begun a 10 month course in woodworking and furniture making.
Pray for perseverance, and grace to apply himself to his studies, especially math.

It is extremely difficult for these boys to have any self-motivation.

The woodworking course is extremely demanding. If they fail one exam, they are out of the course.

On the right is Manuel's discipleship mentor, but he does not live near the school

Pray that our sponsorship and encouragement will help motivate Manuel to succeed.
The rest is up to him and the Holy Spirit.

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